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Thanks for visiting our website! Here in Colwich, each member of our community is considered family. We enjoy a small town atmosphere with the city just down the street!

Please browse our website for information on living, working, and playing in Colwich. If you have questions you find aren’t answered here, we invite you to send us an email: Welcome to Colwich!

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Due to the restrictions that do not allow organized sports facilities, tournaments and practices in Phase 1.5 of the governor’s Ad Astra plan to reopen the state, the ball fields are closed to the public until further notice. The current reopening plan can be viewed at


Due to the risk of COVID-19 spread through surface contact, the playgrounds in the city parks have been closed until further notice. The parks remain open for other activities but please be sure to maintain social distancing to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.


The city building is open to the public at this time. If you still would prefer not to come in, you may use the phone or email if you need assistance with your utility bill, building permits/inspections, administration questions, etc. You may also call your payments in to 316-796-1025 or put them in the drop box located by the driveway to the building. You also have the ability to pay fees and fines online at

Contact Info:
City Office Phone: 316-796-1025
Text: 316-712-8306
Fax: 316-796-0913
Diana Brooks, Deputy City Clerk, email:
Stephanie Guy, City Clerk, email:


from Mayor Angela Banz

Allow me to thank each and everyone of you for responding to the Governor’s and Sedgwick County’s order to shelter in place. Hopefully by all of us complying with those orders, we can get the Corona virus spread under control, and return to our previously scheduled lives very soon!

I want to take this opportunity to update you on what I as Mayor, your City Council and staff are doing to make sure the City runs smoothly and efficiently during this difficult time. On March 30th the Council passed Resolution No. 491 declaring a local state of emergency. That resolution also allows the Mayor to make decisions as they relate to the operation of the City during this crisis. Also during that meeting the Council took under advisement three major projects currently under contract, reviewed the financial projections for the remainder of the year, and discussed how to fill the open positions in the Public Works and Fire Departments.
The Council decided to not award the bids for the street maintenance and street reconstruction projects. Financing those projects through General Obligation Bonds at this time does not appear to be prudent due to the extensive layoffs, loss of jobs, and unknown factors at this time regarding funds received from the State that supports the city’s budget.
The Council regretfully requested the company designing and installing the splash pad to delay that project until further notice. The project, when bid, resulted in an amount $43,000 higher than budgeted. Council decided to fund the gap using franchise fees collected between January and June as those funds, at that time, exceeded the budgeted amount due to the ELEMENT plant beginning their operations. However, in response to the economic crisis caused by the Corona Virus and the current oil war dropping fuel prices, ELEMENT, ICM, and Cushman Wakefield; the city’s largest utility users; have either reduced their workload, asked their employees to work from home, or made significant layoffs, thus reducing the anticipated amount of franchise fees to be collected. For those of you who so generously donated to expand various aspects of the splash pad, your money is in the safe care of the Colwich Community Foundation, awaiting the time when our budget will allow for the installation of the splash pad, which will hopefully be in 2021.
On a much more positive note, an additional outdoor warning siren has been installed and currently the installers are programming the system so activation can be made by Sedgwick County Emergency Management. This siren is funded by a FEMA grant with the City and ELEMENT providing 25% of the cost by an in-kind services match resulting in no cost to the citizens of Colwich. We look forward to expanded coverage for our residents on the northside of town, in Colwich Memorial Park and at the ELEMENT plant.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this crisis.

Here is the text of Mayor Banz’s letter to the public:
March 18, 2020

Dear Colwich Residents-
At this time, the city office has been CLOSED to the public in an effort to help ensure the health and wellness of our employees and citizens. I ask that you use the phone or email whenever possible if you need assistance with your utility bill, building permits/inspections, administration questions, etc. I encourage you to call your payments in or put them in the drop box located by the driveway to the building. You also have the ability to pay fees and fines online at Due to these unusual circumstances, all penalties for dog tags, golf cart/utility vehicle renewals and utility shutoffs are suspended until further notice.

During this chaotic time, we recognize there are going to be many diverse needs in our community and we want to try to address those needs. Our thought is to create a “clearinghouse” of those who need help with those who can provide help. Our initial thoughts include grocery or food delivery, maybe even errand running for the elderly and most importantly childcare- those who need childcare and those who can provide it.

We are working in conjunction with the Colwich Community Foundation to provide resources. Contact information is below.

City Office Phone: 316-796-1025
Text: 316-712-8306
Fax: 316-796-0913
Diana Brooks, City Clerk, email:
Stephanie Guy, Deputy City Clerk, email:
Colwich Community Foundation: or Terri Nicholson, 316-253-6684

We will be sharing ideas daily of things to keep people busy and help pass the time on our Facebook page.

Let’s work together to come through this chaos better and stronger!!
Angela Banz
Colwich Mayor


Situations such as this provide us with the opportunity to come together as a community. If you have a need for any kind of help, please contact us so we can connect you with resources we may provide. If you are able to help your Colwich neighbors in any way, please contact us to be put on a list of resources. We look forward to working with you.


The burn pile key checkout system is suspended at this time. We will unlock the burn pile from 9 am- 4 pm each day, including weekends. ONLY BRUSH AND LIMBS ARE ALLOWED to be dumped. Any other items left at the burn pile will cause it to be closed indefinitely.


Click Resource Guide to see the current brouchure of businesses, clubs and organizations in the area. Printed brochures are available in the city office. If you would like to have your business included, please fill out this survey. Thank you.


Please like the City of Colwich Facebook page for the latest in city news and events.

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The annual consumer confidence report detailing the city’s water quality is now available for review. Click on Consumer Confidence Report for more information regarding this important information. If you know of someone who does not have a computer, please have them call 316-796-1025 and we will mail them a copy of the report.


The City Council meeting is scheduled for the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the City Administrative Center, 310 S. 2nd St. Click 051820 to see the agenda for the next meeting, which will be available the Wednesday before the meeting. You may join the meeting on Zoom. Instructions for on-line inclusion are at the top of the agenda.

Ordinance 728

The City Council at their meeting on Monday, March 16th adopted Ordinance No. 728. Click on Ordinance No. 728 for the full text of the ordinance.