Open Burning

ATTENTION: Sedgwick County has changed their burn permit system and the new system does not recognize Colwich Fire Dept. burn permit numbers. Please apply for a Sedgwick County burn permit application at then complete this form with the number you receive and submit.

To activate your permit, go to and complete the Colwich Fire Department burn permit activation form.

Please call the Colwich Fire Dept. at 316-796-1004 or the city office at 316-796-1025 if you have any questions.

Click here to apply online.  By completing and submitting a burn permit application, you agree to:

  1. Applicant assumes all responsibility for any fire damage that may result from the use of this permit.
  2. Applicant must activate the Sedgwick County burn permit:  CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE
  3. Applicant must have this permit in their possession while burning and must stay with the fire until the fire is out. If the applicant is not in compliance, the fire will be extinguished by the fire department.
  4. No burning allowed if winds exceed 15 mph, fog, precipitation, or low cloud conditions (<2000ft.) exist. (these conditions are mandated by KDHE)
  5. The burn must be at least 50 feet from any structure.
  6. The applicant must have a water supply (garden hose, portable water tank, etc.) or other means of controlling the fire (tractor & implement, hand tools, etc.) on site.
  7. The Colwich Fire Department has the right to inspect all burn sites, and revoke any and all permits.
  8. If Sedgwick County is under a burning ban, all permits will be null and void until such time as the burning ban is lifted.
  9. I understand all terms and instructions on this permit, and assume all responsibility.

Please contact us at 1 316-796-1025 or for more information.