City of Colwich

Public Records Access Policy

For access to open public records as provided by, and subject to the restrictions imposed by, the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 1983 Supp. 45-205:214), it shall be the policy of this office that:

1. The person(s) requesting access to open public records must declare that request in writing to the City Clerk on the form provided by the City Clerk’s office.

2. The person(s) requesting copies of open public records must declare in writing the name and nature of the document(s) being requested and the number of copies of the document(s) being requested.

3. The person(s) requesting copies of the open public record(s) must complete the records access request form in its entirety, signing and printing their name and address.

4. No public record(s) to be examined or inspected in the City Clerk’s office will be done so only with the supervision and control of the City Clerk, or his or her designated representative.

6. A cost for the copies made of a public record(s) will be assessed to the person(s) making the request.

7. Most requests for access to open public records shall be honored within three working days of the time the request is made. For those records requiring extensive time and research for the City Clerk to produce the Clerk will set a reasonable time schedule for the inspection of such records.

This policy is established in accordance with the City’s Resolution No. 344.

Diana K. Brooks
City Clerk/Zoning Administrator

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