City of Colwich

Building Permits

The City of Colwich partners with Sedgwick County in the issuance of building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits. All fees are based upon the Sedgwick County Code Enforcement fee schedule. For the appropriate permit form, click Sedgwick County building permits. Email the completed form to or fax it to 316-796-0913. We will issue the permit number and call you for payment of the fee. We will submit the completed form and payment to Sedgwick County, which you will then contact to schedule any necessary inspections.

Building permits are required for all residential and commercial structures including detached garages, and storage buildings that exceed 200 sq. ft. Fences also require a permit.

Buildings for storage and other enclosed purposes: provided, that no such building accessory to single and two-family dwelling units and all types of manufactured and mobile homes shall exceed 400 sq. ft. in gross floor area, unless a conditional use is approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals for a larger building. (See Planning and Zoning for an application for a conditional use permit.)

Additional Information

  • Residential building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical and fence permits are issued through the City of Colwich.
  • Commercial building permits are issued through Sedgwick County and are subject to plan review. After plans are reviewed by the appropriate Sedgwick County building inspector a letter will be issued to the applicant to bring to City Hall, at which time the necessary permits will be issued.
  • Contact 660-1840 for further information.
  • Blank permit forms, including electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits, can be obtained from the code enforcement page on the Sedgwick County website.
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The City Council meeting is scheduled for the third Monday of each month (second Monday of January) at 7:00 p.m. at the City Administrative Center, 310 S. 2nd St. Click here to see the upcoming agenda. Regular city council meeting agendas are available the Wednesday before the meeting.


Planning commission meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of January, April, July and October at 7:00 p.m. at the City Administrative Center, 310 S. 2nd St. Other meetings may be scheduled as needed. The April 2022 meeting was canceled due to a lack of agenda. Click to see the upcoming agenda.


The annual consumer confidence report detailing the city’s water quality is available for review. Click on 2021 Consumer Confidence Water Report to view this important information. If you know of someone who does not have a computer, please have them call 316-796-1025 and we will mail them a copy of the report.


The City Council amended the city code to include all forms of payment in the insufficient funds section of utility billing. See the entire ordinance here.


The City Council revised the street vendor fees. See the entire ordinance here.