City of Colwich

Sanitation Regulations

All waste material, paper, trash rubbish, tin cans, bottles, containers, garbage and refuse of any kind whatsoever shall be deposited in disposal containers provided for such purposes.

Alcoholic and Cereal Malt Beverages
It shall be unlawful to use, consume or have on the premises of any park any alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage without a permit obtained from the city clerk’s office and adheres to all rules and regulations concerning alcohol.

12-111. Preservation of Natural State
It shall be unlawful for any person, except duly authorized city employees, to take, injure, or disturb any live or dead tree, plant, shrub, or flower, or otherwise interfere with the natural state of city parks. (Code 2004)

12-112. General Regulations
The city may post such rules and regulations, as are approved by the governing body, pertaining to the use of the city parks in a conspicuous place in each city park. Violations of these posted rules shall constitute a violation of this code. (Code 2004)

12-113. Fishing Regulations
(a) Creel limits. A creel limit is the maximum number of a species of fish or frog that can be taken per person in a calendar day.
(b) Length limits. Minimum length limits mean that fish shorter than a certain length cannot be kept.
(c) The following creel and length limits are hereby adopted:
     (1) Bluegill: No limit.
     (2) Channel Catfish: 2 per day
     (3) Largemouth Bass: a 2/day minimum lenth 18”
d) Fishing is permitted from sunrise to sunset.
(e) State fishing licenses are required of all adults in accordance with State law.
(f) Anglers shall not bait or “chum” water to attract fish.
(g) All trash, including bait and fish remains, shall be removed from the park by the individual responsible for creating such trash. (Ord. 601 Sec 1)

12-114. Penalty
Any person or person violating any of the provisions of this Article may be prosecuted through the Colwich Municipal Court. Each offense shall be deemed an infraction offense. Fines shall be a minimum of $50 per offense, and a maximum of $500 per offense. Each violation of this Article may be prosecuted as a separate offense. (Ord. 601, Sec. 1)

12-116. Swimming, Bathing, Wading, Skating or Use of a Vessel
Swimming, bathing, wading, skating, or the use of vessels in the City’s pond is prohibited except in designated areas, with city approval. This prohibition shall not apply to authorized City employees or agents while engaged in the maintenance and care of the pond or the fish and wildlife maintained within.

a. The term “vessel” used herein means every description of watercraft used or capable of being used or intended to be used as a means of transportation on water.
b. The term “skating” used herein includes use of ice skates as well as sliding in any manner on ice without ice skates.

12-117. Fireworks in the Park
The discharging of fireworks in the city park areas will be in compliance with the existing city laws and in designated areas only.

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The City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday March, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the City Administrative Center 310 S. 2nd St. Click on the date to see the agenda for this meeting.


The City Council at their meeting on Monday, March 18th moved to adopt Ordinance 716 relating to the selling of strong beer. Click on Ordinance No. 716 to read the full text.